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There are several benefits to using videography to cover an event.


First, video allows you to capture the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the event in a way that still photography cannot. This can be especially useful for events that are fast-paced or involve a lot of movement, such as sports games or live performances.


Additionally, video can be a powerful storytelling tool, allowing you to create a narrative around the event and provide context and background information to your viewers. This can help to engage your audience and make the event more interesting and memorable.


Finally, video is a versatile medium that can be easily shared and distributed online, allowing you to reach a wider audience and promote your event to a global audience.

Here is a quick example of some of the services we can provide:

Basic Event Coverage

1 Videographer

Up to 2 Hours of coverage

Full usage license

Edited into a short 3-4 min film

Digital download (1080p)

Events Promotional Material


Video Documentary

Behind the scenes footage

Social media shorts

Please scroll down to see how videography can benefit your next event

Increased footfall

Having an event filmed can help increase the footfall for next year in several ways.


First, sharing the video of the event on social media and other online platforms can help generate buzz and interest in the event, which can encourage more people to attend in the future.


Additionally, the video can serve as a promotional tool, showcasing the highlights of the event and giving potential attendees a sense of what to expect. This can help to build anticipation and excitement, and can encourage people to mark the event on their calendars and plan to attend in the future.


Finally, the video can serve as a record of the event, providing a lasting testament to its success and helping to establish the event as a must-see attraction.

Festive Event
Mother and Daughter

Advertising Opportunities

There are several different types of advertising that can be done with videography for an event.


One common approach is to create a short promotional video that highlights the key features and attractions of the event. This type of video can be shared on social media, on the event's website, and through email marketing to help generate interest and attract attendees.


Another approach is to create a series of short, snackable videos that focus on specific aspects of the event, such as featured speakers, performers, or activities. These videos can be used to create a social media campaign leading up to the event, with a new video being shared each day to keep the event top of mind and build excitement.


Additionally, you can create behind-the-scenes videos that give viewers a sneak peek at the preparations and logistics involved in putting on the event. These types of videos can help to build a sense of anticipation and can also help to generate buzz and interest in the event.

Service costs?

It's difficult to provide an accurate estimate for the cost of event coverage without more information about the specific event, the scope of the project and turnaround time.


The cost of videography can vary widely based on factors such as the size and complexity of the production, the length of the recording, the number of cameras and crew members needed, and the equipment used.


 It's best to discuss your specific needs and budget with us to get a no-obligation quote.

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